Partnerships Support Innovative Education

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for the Allen Distinguished Educators Program
December 22, 2015

Teamwork makes the dream work. The Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) program is proud to partner with forward-thinking education organizations to recognize and reward progressive educators and to help spread the adoption of their innovative programs, projects and practices. Together, our work amplifies messaging and brings further recognition to outstanding teachers who are leading in computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship education.
From newsletters, to social media, to conferences and events, our partners recognize the work of exceptional teachers across the country by sharing news, content and stories from ADEs. Our partners also contributed 11 external reviewers to help determine finalists for the $25,000 ADE Award. As the ADE community continues to grow through awards, grants, open-source educator resources and collaborative networking opportunities for teachers; we are excited and thankful to continue working in partnership with these education organizations.



Inspire. Enable. Empower. The Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) Program engages teachers in greater innovation around computer science, engineering and/or entrepreneurship. The work of ADE-recognized teachers can lead to new opportunities in classrooms across the nation. A Paul G. Allen initiative, the program includes: a $25,000 award, do-it-yourself project guides, grants for DIY projects, microdocumentaries and video roadmaps for implementing an ADE Program.

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