ADE Community Newsletter | December 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
December 9, 2016

New this month: Season’s greetings from us to you, resources for your students to engineer their own holiday gifts, and professional development tools from Allen Distinguished Educators.

Happy Holidays from the ADE Team

Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break!

Season’s greetings from the ADE Team: Lisa Stavros, Dave Ferrero, Jen Lindbeck, Jerry Nguyen, and Jenny Burns. Whether you’re visiting with friends and family, traveling, or just taking it easy this holiday break, we wish you the best.

Design Thinking for Gift Giving

Students take on the role of an industrial designer to design a gift that other students would want to buy for one of their family members.

MAKE the most of the gift-giving season in your classroom by bringing maker education to your students. Design Thinking for Gift Giving, developed by 2016 ADEs, Beth White, Courtney Bryant and Reggie O’Neill, is a multi-age project that integrates engineering and design, business, art, language arts, and 21st century collaborative skills.

View an interactive guided tour on the ADE website and download open–source project materials today.

Looking for Innovative Teaching Practices? ADE Roadmaps Can Guide You

Develop or grow an innovative program at your school with road-tested practical advice from ADEs.

Do you believe students learn best through experiential real-world learning? Have you seen exceptional teaching in action and thought: “I wish my classroom looked like that?” Get practical advice on bringing new teaching strategies and programs to your students by watching video Roadmaps created by ADEs.

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