Meet ADE Award Finalist: Trenton Hall

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
February 1, 2016

Trenton Hall has been teaching 9th through 12th grade math and computer science at Brenham High School in Brenham, TX since 2002. Trenton is leading and developing the BHS Computer Science program as well as the afterschool Evolv3D labs that exposes students to real-life applications for computer science and engineering through engaging student-directed projects.

In 2012, Hall partnered with the Career and Technology department to create the first Computer Science classes to be offered at BISD. Hall knew that programming was a field of study that many high school students would benefit from and he recognized the need for it at his campus. 

In 2013, Trenton began following the trends in 3D printing, and convinced the district to purchase for him a $1,500.00 printer. He and his class spent the year building small trinkets and learning the 3D software.

In 2014, his Computer Science II class used this printer to create a prosthetic hand for a toddler in their community. This story was picked up by the  Associated Press and featured on USA Today and social media. As a result of his work, Trenton has received over $25,000 in private donations towards the purchase of technology for his students and the Career & Technology department at Brenham High School.   

The requests for prosthetics began to pour in from around the country, so Hall directed his students in the creation of Evolv3D Labs, with the purpose of “Solving real world problems with digital solutions.”  The group has so far finished 3 prosthetic hands and is currently working on a myo-electric arm. He believes in giving his students ownership in the projects they create, allowing them the freedom to pursue areas of interest. 

Trenton seeks to expose his students to many different aspects of computer science and technology. They participate in hacking contests, attend technology symposiums, and pursue a variety of hands on projects in class. His Computer Science team has quickly become one of the strongest teams in the region.  

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