ADE Community Newsletter | July 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
July 7, 2016

You can “turn it up to 11” next school year with 11 innovative and engaging DIY Guides from Allen Distinguished Educators. Rock and roll with Arduino-based music boxes, teach your students the magic of trade economics, build and design real arcade games, and more with support from the ADE community, open-educator resources, and DIY Guide grants (applications accepted starting July 20).

Learn more about DIY Guide grants, download the new ADE app, and read how DIY Guide grantees from the 2015-2016 school year adapted ADE-created projects to suit their unique classroom situations.

DIY Guides and Grants from ADE

for Adapting and Implementing Innovative Projects in Diverse Classrooms

Bring new engaging learning opportunities to your students.

The purpose of the DIY Guide grants (up to $1,000) is to enable and improve the implementation of more innovative, hands-on, authentic learning experiences for students in a diverse range of school types, locations, and grade levels. Grantees are encouraged to change, expand, or even "break" DIY Guides to meet their students' needs, then tell us how they did it. The application period for DIY Guide grants will be open from July 20 - Sept. 5 for K-12 teachers in the U.S. Learn more about DIY Guide grant eligibility.

View DIY Guides, download the project materials, and consider applying for a DIY Guide grant beginning on July 20.

New App for DIY Guides

Award-Winning Computer Science, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship Classroom Projects at Your Fingertips

Looking for teacher-created, field-tested classroom projects? There's an app for that.

Learn to teach biomedical engineering, entrepreneurial soft skills, sustainable transportation concepts, and more all from the palm of your hand with the newly released ADE app. Browse eight award-winning classroom projects and engage in interactive guided tours developed by ADEs from your mobile device.

Download the app on iOS or Android devices now.

Award-Winning Projects Replicated with Grants from Allen Distinguished Educators

Teaching Entrepreneurship Outside-The-Box with Cardboard Boxes

DIY Guide grantee Alaine Davis adapted ADE Glenn Corey's 52 Minute Challenge project

Learn how Davis adapted this high school - level engineering and entrepreneurship project to accommodate and challenge her 7th grade Montessori students.

“Middle school students can become very passionate about making the world a better place. The 52-Minute Challenge DIY Guide presented a great opportunity for my students to take action.” – Alaine Davis

The main goal of the 52 Minute Challenge developed by 2014 ADE awardee Glenn Corey, is to highlight the importance of collaboration when working under a tight deadline. Read more on the ADE blog.

Burritos Creatively Fuel STEM Classroom Project

DIY Guide grantee Annamarie Wyland adapted ADE Mike Wierusz's 53 Miles per Burrito project

Learn how Wyland modified this sustainable engineering project to teach geography and nutritional science to her students in special education.

“I am always looking for exciting, new, hands-on activities to complete with my students and I know that food is a great motivator. The 53 Miles per Burrito project was a perfect combination of both.” – Annamarie Wyland

In the 53 Miles Per Burrito project developed by 2014 ADE awardee Mike Wierusz, students answer the question: “Can I ride 53 miles on a bike from the energy of a single burrito?"  Read more on the ADE blog.

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