ADE Community Newsletter | June 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
June 3, 2016

Teachers know that summer break is a great time to relax and reflect on the school year. And they know that summer break is also a great time to start planning new learning experiences for students.

On June 14, Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) will release new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Guides for creating classroom projects that foster hands-on learning as well as new Roadmaps to overcoming common barriers to innovative teaching and learning. These open educator resources were developed by the 2016 class of ADEs.

New ADE Do-It-Yourself Guides

Available on June 14

Break the mold of conventional classrooms.

Teach your students to engineer synthetic tissue, apply design thinking for gift giving, develop their own arcade games, and more with new DIY Guides from the 2016 class of Allen Distinguished Educators. DIY Guides include interactive guided tours and detailed project plans. These open educator resources will be available for viewing and download on June 14. View existing DIY Guides.

Teachers can apply for DIY Guide grants to adapt and implement these projects beginning in mid-July. More information about these grant opportunities will be announced soon. Sign up for the ADE Newsletter for updates.

New ADE Roadmaps

Available on June 14

Learn to teach unconventionally in conventional settings.

Get road-tested advice on how to set up collaborations with partners in other countries, discover and channel student passion into a business, combine art and engineering, and more with new Roadmaps from the 2016 class of Allen Distinguished Educators. These short videos will be available on June 14. View existing Roadmaps.

How Programming Supports Math Class, Not the Other Way Around

EdSurge Article by 2016 ADE Chris Bartlo

2016 ADE Chris Bartlo urges readers to expand their understanding of the benefits that students gain from computer programming.

"By expanding our idea of what benefits we are bringing students when they program, we can break down some of the stereotypes that limit enrollment in these kinds of programs—stereotypes that hurt the diversity of students who pursue STEM in general," said Bartlo.

This article is one piece of a larger Fifty States Project by EdSurge showcasing work by educators in all 50 states and U.S. territories to support learning with technology. Read more.

Sophomore at The Met School Named Ernst & Young Youth Entrepreneur of the Year for New England

Providence Business News Article Featuring 2016 ADE Jodie Woodruff

Students in 2016 ADE Jodie Woodruff's class are recognized for entrepreneurial excellence.

“I am extremely proud of our students,” said Woodruff, 2016 Allen Distinguished Educator and director of The Met’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “At The Met, we encourage students to take ownership of their learning. Teaching entrepreneurship that includes students’ interests and passions affords a space to be creative, problem-solve and seek opportunity. It gives ownership and provides a pathway to lifelong learning.” Read more.


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