New Open-Educator Resources Available Now

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
June 14, 2016

“We are doing stuff in our classrooms that is teaching our kids to be successful. It needs to not be happening just in our classroom. It needs to be happening throughout the school, throughout the city, throughout the state.” – 2016 ADE Courtney Bryant

Allen Distinguished Educators is enabling a growing subset of teachers who want to employ 21st century learning strategies with their students through open-educator resources. ADE recently launched seven new DIY Guides for K-12 educators to adapt and implement ADE-designed projects in their classrooms as well as 14 new Roadmaps for building and growing innovative education programs. These new resources were developed by the 2016 class of ADEs

New ADE Do-It-Yourself Guides

Available Now

Do It Yourself Guides from Allen Distingusihed Educators.jpg
“21st century learners are global citizens and so they need to understand how to be a part of this world and how to be an active, empathetic participant in this society.” - 2016 ADE Dawn DuPriest

Break the mold of conventional classrooms with seven new DIY Guides developed by ADEs. Teach students to engineer synthetic tissue, build circuit arcade games, code for culture understanding, and more with these hands-on engineering, entrepreneurship, and computer science projects. All guides include detailed project materials and four of the new guides include interactive guided tours to walk you through some of the more challenging project steps. View DIY Guides.

Applications for DIY Guide implementation grants will open on July 20 - stay tuned.

New ADE Roadmaps

Available Now

"Kids are so capable. They don't have a lot of hang-ups that adults have...And what they come up with is so creative, I do get surprised." - 2016 ADE Chris Bartlo

Reimagine teaching and learning with Roadmaps developed by ADEs. These short videos include practical advice and best practices for developing and growing innovative education programs. View Roadmaps.

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