ADE Community Newsletter | May 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for the Allen Distinguished Educators Program
May 9, 2016

Is it May already? Time to begin wrapping-up projects, working on report cards, and daydreaming about summer vacation. Also, it’s time to start thinking about new and engaging projects for next school year! The Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) program is pleased to share resources with teachers, parents, and education leaders to help bring more hands-on, student-directed, authentic learning opportunities into your classrooms.

New ADE Microdocumentaries

Watch short videos that highlight the work ADEs are doing in their classrooms

Allen Distinguished Educator _Cute Happy Kid.jpg
Be Inspired.

We are proud to announce the release of three new microdocumentaries for some of our 2016 ADEs. Here’s your chance to take a look inside the classrooms of Alyson Nelson, Ashley Greenway and Courtney Bryant, Reggie O’Neill and Beth White. More microdocumentaries featuring our other 2016 ADEs will be coming soon.

Share these videos to inspire more teachers, parents, and school administrators in your community to “break the mold” of traditional education and encourage them to support innovative classroom models.

STEMx Webinar (May 11)

Innovative Supports for STEM Teachers

How can we grow and retain top teachers?

Join 2016 ADEs, Tracey Winey and Dawn DuPriest, and Knowles Science Teacher Foundation (KSTF) Fellow Program Director, Jeff Rozelle, for a discussion about how providing powerful learning experiences and teacher recognition supports STEM educators.

This hour-long webinar is hosted by our partners at STEMx and will take place on May 11 at 1:00 PM (PT) Registration is free, sign up now to secure your spot.

NGCP Webinar (May 19)

Creating an Innovative STEM Program through Entrepreneurship and Engineering

These teachers created innovative STEM education programs and so can you.

Join 2016 ADEs, Alyson Nelson and Jodie Woodruff to learn how they developed successful STEM education programs at their schools. Alyson teaches biomedical engineering at the Nikola Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, WA, and Jodie runs a unique entrepreneurship program at The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (The Met) in Providence, RI.

This hour-long webinar is hosted by our partners at National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), and will take place on May 19 at 11:00 AM (PT). Registration is free, sign up now to secure your spot.

Resources to Inspire, Enable, and Empower Innovative Education

More ADE resources and implementation grants coming soon

Stay tuned for more microdocumentaries, roadmaps, do-it-yourself guides and project implementation grants.

Whether you are an educator looking for student-directed projects and hands-on learning opportunities for your students; a parent or administrator looking to be inspired by stories from exceptional educators; or an educator seeking advice on how to grow your innovative computer science, engineering or entrepreneurship program; the ADE program has resources for you. New resources from the 2016 cohort of ADEs and more implementation grants will be announced in June.


We welcome your feedback. Please reach out to us with any questions, comments, suggestions, or insight regarding the ADE program, and/or your interests and involvement as a member of this community. Contact us at

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