ADE Community Newsletter | November 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
November 9, 2016

New this month: Learn how young students on the autism spectrum engaged in a customized physics and arts lesson, discover how ADE Roadmaps can be used for professional development, and find out how one ADE’s educational program is exemplifying a “school of the future.”

Mobilizing Haikus for Learners on the Autism Spectrum


A special education teacher adapts a high school level engineering project to engage young learners on the autism spectrum with a DIY Guide grant from ADE  

“Exercising my freedom to create new ideas to meet my students’ unique learning needs is an exciting and interesting component of teaching. Innovation is important to keep up with the best methods to educate the growing diversity of our students.” – Laura Kristek, DIY Guide grantee

Kristek creatively adjusted the MAKEShift Poetry project, developed by ADE awardee Scott Swaaley, to make this engineering and language arts project more accessible for her K-2 students with special education needs.

Read more on the ADE blog.

Rural Educators Learn Tips and Best Practices to Effectively and “Radically” Collaborate

Learn how ADE Roadmaps are supporting professional development and setting examples for teaching excellence.

“The ADE Roadmap featuring Radical Collaboration was an excellent visual aid to show educators what truly effective collaboration looks like, and what type of impact it can have on students and teachers.” – Liz Meredith, Technology Integration Coach and friend of the ADE program

During the recent Rural Education National Forum, Meredith featured the ADE Roadmap by 2014 ADE awardee, Regan Drew, and her teaching partner, John Marshall, on Collaborating with a Teaching Partner in the closing keynote. 

Read more on the ADE blog.

Allen Distinguished Educator Exemplifies Schooling of the Future


Amir Abo-Shaeer, 2014 ADE, was featured in the recent PBS NOVA Documentary, “School of the Future”

“Our goal is to provide students with an educational experience that satisfies the traditional requirements they would need to graduate in a unique and disruptive way.” – Amir Abo-Shaeer

Congratulations to Abo-Shaeer and his school, Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, for being one of serval “schools of the future” featured in this hour and fifty-minute documentary. He and his students appear near the end of the documentary (~1:39). 

Watch now.

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