ADE Community Newsletter | September 2016

By Jenny Burns, Community Coordinator for Allen Distinguished Educators
September 13, 2016

New this month: A third grade teacher in Austin, TX, is MAKEing the most of project-based learning, and 2016 ADE Dawn DuPriest shares her experiences with Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom.

Thanks to everyone that applied for an ADE DIY grant! Be on the lookout for a special announcement regarding our newest grantees.

MAKEing the Most of Project-Based Learning

DIY Guide grantee Diana Dull adapted ADE Scott Swaaley's MAKEShift Poetry project

When I came across MAKEShift Poetry, I was excited to find a project that combined science and math with poetry in language arts.”– Diana Dull, DIY Guide grantee

Although many teachers agree that project-based learning leads to better experiences for students, it can be challenging to find time to implement projects. Dull describes her experience adapting and implementing the MAKEShift Poetry project, originally developed for HS freshmen, in her third grade class. She also explains how the multiple subject areas complemented her classroom structure and curriculum. 

Read more on the ADE blog.

Realities of Bringing Virtual Reality (VR) to the Classroom

VR technology generates excitement and can lead to engaging 21st century learning experiences 

“My first experience with Virtual Reality (VR) as an educator came about as a stroke of good fortune.” – Dawn DuPriest, 2016 ADE

Learn how a computer science and electronics teacher is bringing VR learning experiences to her middle school students. Can students solve real-world problems in VR? Can teachers and students learn this new technology together? DuPriest considers these questions as she describes the challenges of integrating VR in the classroom. She also shares helpful resources and tips for educators who are interested in bringing new technology into their classrooms.

Read more on the ADE blog.

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