Eligibility Requirements and Application Checklist

Allen Distinguished Educators Program Principles:

We are looking for K-12 teachers or teaching teams (max 3 team members) who:
  • Design and implement innovative programs in computer science, engineering, and/or entrepreneurship education
  • Emphasize hands-on, real world, and/or project based learning
  • Incorporate 21st century skills, such as collaboration, creative problem solving, and/or design thinking
  • Encourage students to direct their own learning
Eligibility requirements:
  • If applying as a teaching team (with up to a maximum of 3 members), all team members must meet eligibility requirements listed below
  • Candidates must have completed at least two years of teaching experience in K-12 schools at the time of application
  • Candidates must spend at least 70 percent of their time devoted to teaching
  • Candidates must be citizens of the United States
If you are selected as an Allen Distinguished Educator you agree that you are willing and able to commit to ADE program responsibilities including:
  • Participating in the filming of a microdocumentary
    • Maximum of 2 days of filming in classroom environment
    • Filming will occur within a month of award announcement
  • Working with instructional consultants to develop a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide based on your work
    • Maximum of 2 days of filming and content creation
    • DIY guide work will occur within a month of award announcement
  • Providing content and materials to be freely shared as a DIY guide
  • 1-3 speaking engagements
    • Paid for by the ADE program
    • Speaking engagements may involve travel
    • Maximum 2-3 days per engagement
If you are selected, please note that we will be creating a DIY guide for other teachers to adapt your project to their classroom. By agreeing to be an applicant, you represent and warrant that all materials are freely available to share and that there are no existing copyright or other intellectual property issues that would prevent our use of the materials.

Application Process:
  • Application period: Sept 15th – Nov 1st 2015
  • Finalists selected: Mid-November 2015
  • Finalist site visits: Dec 2015 – Feb 2016
  • Awardees announced: March 2016
Application Checklist:

A completed application will include the following documents:
  • Total students taught (sum of students taught across your classes)
  • % Free and reduced lunch (N/A if not applicable)
  • Area(s) applying (check all that apply) – Computer Science, Engineering, and/or Entrepreneurship
  • Program name (optional)
  • Program website (optional)
  • Program abstract (max 1200 characters)
  • Describe your program in detail and please include concrete examples of how your program does the following (max 8000 characters):
    • Teaches computer science, engineering and/or entrepreneurship
    • Emphasizes hands-on, real world, and project based learning
    • Incorporates 21st century skills, such as collaboration, creative problem solving, and design thinking
    • Encourages students to direct their own learning
  • Program curriculum (max 1500 characters)
  • Provide one example of a discrete project within your program that you believe best represents what you are trying to achieve and how (max 6000 characters)
  • Link to a 4-6 minute video that shows us how your program exemplifies ADE principles.
    • This video should provide a clear glimpse into:
      • Classroom environment
      • How you interact with students and facilitate their learning
      • The kind of work students do in class and how they go about it
      • What knowledge and skills students are mastering through the work they do
      • Student's understanding of the meaning and purpose of what they’re doing and learning (e.g. by explaining to the camera what they’re working on and why)
    • Permissions on linked video should allow ADE program staff to view video.
    • (Note: The video need not be highly polished. The production values of the video are less important than basic clarity of visuals and relevant audio. The video will be viewed by ADE program staff and an independent selection team.)  
  • Administrator letter - upload a document (doc, docx, pdf, or txt)
    • Please download the provided form letter and complete with your principal or other administrator who can authorize you to:
      • release time for you to travel to 1-3 speaking engagements (paid for by the ADE program)
      • host a documentary crew in your classroom or school to film you, your students, and the classroom and school environment
      • to be interviewed on camera for the documentary
      • select students to be interviewed on camera for the documentary
      • work with instructional consultants to develop a DIY guide to one of your projects, and a case study documenting how your program was implemented
  • Any additional information (max 3000 characters)
  • Resume (doc, docx, pdf, or txt)
  • Syllabus or other published material describing course of study (doc, docx, pdf, or txt) (recommended)