Application Overview

Grant to implement Do-It-Yourself Guide in your classroom

Do-It-Yourself Grant Application period opens on July 20th and closes on Sept 5th at 11:59 PM PT.

The purpose of the DIY Grants is to help us enhance the replicability of the DIY guides as well as their adaptability to a range of school types, locations, and grade levels. Toward that end we are looking for teachers who work in school environments different from those of the ADEs who created them. 

Limit one application per person.

Grantees will receive:
  • Up to $1000 DIY Grant
  • Each grant amount will be calculated based off of the fixed and variable cost of the selected DIY with a $200 teacher stipend. The equation is: (Fixed Cost) + (Variable Cost * # students) + $200 teacher stipend
  • When possible, we will highlight your implementation of the DIY guide on the ADE website, our social media channels, or other outlets
Grantee responsibilities:
  • Provide comments on how they adapted the DIY to work in their classroom
  • Provide photos of their classroom’s implementation of the DIY
  • Respond to information requests from the ADE program on at most, a bi-weekly basis 
  • Grants are included as taxable income on the recipient’s tax return
  • Vulcan Inc. will issue a 1099 to each grantee

ADE Award (Application Period Closed)

The Allen Distinguished Educator award is $25,000 given directly to teachers who “break the mold” of traditional schooling to provide students with opportunities to become thinkers, makers, and creators through computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

We are looking for K-12 teachers or teaching teams (max 3 team members) who: 
  • Design and implement innovative programs in computer science, engineering, and/or entrepreneurship education
  • Emphasize hands-on, real world, and/or project based learning
  • Incorporate 21st century skills, such as collaboration, creative problem solving, and/or design thinking
  • Encourage students to direct their own learning
  • Awards are included as taxable income on the recipient’s tax return
  • Vulcan Inc. will issue a 1099 to each awardee