Gelnn Corey: 2014 Allen Distinguished Educator


Educator: Glenn Corey
School/District: Novato High School 
Location: Novato, CA
A product designer and entrepreneur, Glenn recently shifted gears into teaching at Novato High School. He has transformed the AP Physics class into a hands-on demonstration of physics – including rocket design and launch competitions – while also starting a separate product design class. His passion is helping his students develop critical thinking and then testing it. In his design class, everything from product concept to CAD design and production is mastered by his students. He also wants them to be able to readily understand and draw on the astonishing array of resources available to them through modern technology and the Internet, including open source platforms.  
The product design class focuses on four core tenets: creative design – which encourages students to change the way they think and view the world; collaboration – which demonstrates how teamwork can often lead to the best results; market research – to help students learn how to adjust their goals and designs in light of market constraints; and the mastery of high technology real world tools – everything from Google Docs and laser cutters to 3D printers. All of this is focused on letting students transform their concepts into reality. 
Glenn’s approach is empathic, disciplined and focused on empowering students to experiment – to take risks, to approach their ideas and challenges in their own way, tackle problems that interest them, learn from experience, and to develop a resilient, problem-solving mindset. His long-term goal is to reorient the traditional learning environment, engaging his students with projects and challenges and make the learning experience fun and meaningful. As a former expert in the high-tech field, he also hopes to encourage others with critical technical skills and experience to share their real-world experiences and make it accessible to high school students. He is also looking to scale his approach through online instruction and sharing his tools and lessons with other school districts and educators.

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