Regan Drew 2014 Allen Distinguished Educator ADE


Educator: Regan Drew
School/District: Riverpoint Academy / Mead School District
Location: Spokane, WA

Regan has led the integration of entrepreneurship into Mead School District’s core STEM curriculum through the launch of the Riverpoint Academy. Her focus has been on creating “innovators, not just innovations” with a focus on interdisciplinary thinking, entrepreneurship, STEM, creativity and design.

Regan became a teacher after several years of experience in business and marketing, having worked with the WNBA team Seattle Storm and NBA Seattle Supersonics. Her love of learning and deep passion for kids led her into the classroom in 2002. Regan quickly realized that most high school business curriculum had limited connection with reality and more importantly, our changing workforce. Approaching the district administration, she made the case to change the program to focus on real-world business integration and human-centered design, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Riverpoint Academy is now a public high school within the larger district that has grown to 130 students, consisting of juniors and seniors, with the goal of expanding its reach to more grade levels.  Curriculum is grounded in the design thinking process, which puts real-world problem solving at its core. Regan has worked to serve and nurture all students to build innovator mindsets through supporting growth in personal development and creative confidence.

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