About Us

Our Mission:

The Allen Distinguished Educators award program recognizes and rewards teachers who “break the mold” of traditional schooling to provide students with opportunities to become thinkers, makers, and creators through computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. We work to enhance their impact by inspiring and enabling other educators to adopt their innovations to increase the number of students who have the kinds of learning opportunities that awardees have created for their own students. We also seek to spark demand by parents, community leaders, and policymakers by showing them the power of the approaches to learning that awardees embody. Through our work we hope to accelerate and shape the unprecedented transformation of schooling that is currently underway in this first quarter of the 21st century.

Our Vision:
  • Schools where students learn to think, make, innovate, and create
  • Teachers inspired and empowered to redefine excellence and reinvent classrooms
  • Networked educators who collaborate to make innovative approaches to learning an option for all students
  • An education landscape that nurtures student and teacher initiative and passion
  • Parents and communities that embrace opportunities for students to learn engineering, entrepreneurship, and computer science in ways that engage and excite them

About the Award:

Why apply to be an Allen Distinguished Educator (ADE)?
  • Be recognized for your innovative program with $25,000
    • Have you implemented an innovative K-12 program at your school in computer science, engineering, and/or entrepreneurship? ADEs will receive $25,000 as a sign of recognition for their pioneering work
  • Share your program with other educators
    • ADEs will share their experiences with educators, administrators, and parents through speaking engagements and case studies
  • Reach students across country with your projects
    • Select projects from ADE programs will be packaged into DIY guides and shared with an online teacher community to be duplicated and customized to fit their specific educational environment

Application Process:

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About Vulcan Inc. 

An idea is just an idea, unless you have people willing to follow it down every pathway, twisting and turning and running after it until it’s finally realized. Vulcan is full of seekers and explorers, those who are eager to ask the tough questions and dig in on the wide range of projects always in the works within our walls. Whether we are solving problems at the local or global level, we embrace hard work and don’t blink in the face of a challenge. We look for professionals who are innovative, agile and able to perform at the highest level.

Vulcan believes that the answers to life’s great mysteries are found through exploration. That’s why we are committed to learning as much as we can, sharing as much as we can and feeling out the edges – so we can sail right on past them.
We’re a nimble private company based in Seattle, Washington with a portfolio as diverse as the challenges of the world. We invest in brain science and basketball, retail space and outer space, traditional libraries and AI-enhanced textbooks. People often wonder why Vulcan is involved in so many different areas and industries. We often get asked: Is there anything Vulcan doesn’t do?

Vulcan strives to create a new kind of future — a future that maps the intricacies inside our head, sets hidden talent alight and upends conventional thinking. The projects and investments we pursue are inspired by the ideas of our founder Paul G. Allen.  With the goal of igniting the type of progress he envisioned, Paul founded Vulcan in 1986 with his sister and business partner, Jody Allen.

If we can understand this mystifying organ called the brain, we can pave the way towards understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s. If we can successfully launch a rocket mid-air, it changes space travel forever. If we can get the formula right for a new kind of downtown neighborhood, it becomes a guide for how to build the cities of tomorrow.

At Vulcan, we believe that seeking out the demanding and building the difficult is what sets progress in motion.
Inspiring innovations. Connecting the dots draw parallels between other philanthropic interest.