Mike Wierusz on: Leveraging Industry Professionals
"The best way to get people in my room is just by talking about the projects that I'm working on with my friends and other colleagues." - Mike Wierusz
Mike Wierusz

School: Inglemoor High School

Type of School: Public – District

Location: Kenmore, WA

Population: 160

Demographic: 33% minority students

% Free/reduced lunch program: 18%
Leveraging Industry Professionals
  1. Organize a field trip to a company.
  2. Bring professionals into the classroom.
  3. Create connections through technology.
  4. Expose your students to a variety of skills.
How to get industry into classroom
  1. Talk to people about your classroom.
  2. Reach out to parents for industry contacts.
  3. Start a classroom support group on LinkedIn.
  4. Be open minded about who can support your classroom.
Connect students to industry in safe ways
  1. Foster safe email connections.
  2. Encourage students to connect with professionals on LinkedIn.