Rules and Regulations

  • The Allen Distinguished Educator award is $25,000 given directly to teachers who “break the mold” of traditional schooling to provide students with opportunities to become thinkers, makers, and creators through computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship
  • This award is included as taxable income on the awardee’s tax return
  • Vulcan Inc. will issue a 1099 to each awardee
Teaching Teams
  • A teaching time comprising of no more than 3 teachers may apply to the Allen Distinguished Educators program
  • All members of a teaching team must meet the eligibility requirements as set forth here
  • An applicant may not apply as a member of a teaching team and as an individual
  • Only one application per individual
Teacher program and projects
  • If you are selected, please note that we will be creating a DIY guide for other teachers to adapt your project to their classroom. By agreeing to be an applicant, you represent and warrant that all materials are freely available to share and that there are no existing copyright or other intellectual property issues that would prevent our use of the materials